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Study in Malta

Malta is a country in the central Mediterranean between Sicily and the North African coast. With a landmass of 316km2 and pleasant weather conditions, no doubt Malta is a favorable country to study in. Apply for your visa today.

How to apply for Malta study visa

1. Students can apply their visa from their home through us.

2. Send us the documents along with the other required details all of which you can find on the form above for assessment.

3. After assessment of your documents and checking the eligibility we help you to find the suitable course according to your interest.

4. After that, we apply for the offer letter

5. Student can directly pay the offer letter fees using their preferred payment method (credit/debit card) which directly goes in the college’s/university’s bank account.

6. Offer letter is usually received after 7-10 days.

7. After receiving the offer letter, students can pay their tuition fees all of which directly goes to the college’s account or else they can pay after their visa is stamped.

8. At last, the visa goes through final documentations.


Here are some courses you can opt if you want to study in Malta. Additionally, you may also consult us to inquire about the courses.

1. Diploma in Hospitality Management
2. Diploma in Business Management
3. Diploma in Information Technology
4. Diploma In Air Craft Maintenance
5. Diploma in Bridging course(overall6 bands)
6. MBA program

Requirements for Malta Study Visa

These are some requirements which are necessary

1. Minimum 12th pass with 50%
2. Signed offer letter
3. Accommodation letter
4. SOP (Statement of purpose)
5. Documents (Previous Educational documents must be attested/Apostile/HRD)
6. Embassy/VFS fees
7. File should be submitted by student in embassy/VFS Center
8. Interview will be scheduled after 15 days and takes place in New Delhi

Benefits to Study in Malta

There are many benefits to study in Malta. Listing below a few of them-

1. Students can work and study simultaneously. Furthermore, students are allowed to work for 20 hours in a week.
2. After a tenure of 9 months, students are granted  9 month job search visa.
3. After 3 months, students can apply for TRC (temporary residence card)
4. After completing 3-4 years, students can apply for their PR (permanent residency)